5 ways to keep your #GivingTuesday glow going

Over the last couple of months, we’ve highlighted planning and executing your #GivingTuesday campaign. The action doesn’t stop when the day-of-giving is over, rather, this is when the final phase of engagement begins - the follow up. Following up is just as important as the work leading up to the big day. So, what’s next? Take full advantage of #GivingTuesday as a springboard into building deeper, longer-lasting relationships with your donors.

Your existing supporters stepped up again. You welcomed new donors. You increased your supporter engagement through awareness building. Don’t burn supporters or lose this ground you’ve gained. Here’s five steps to follow up and start cultivating longer-term relationships with new and old supporters alike:

Thank your supporters

Thank your supporters and donors - you didn't get here without them! Thank them in a way that reflects their level of engagement. Send personal thank you’s to your major donors via written note or a phone call. Bonus if a higher profile person, maybe the Executive Director, shares their thanks personally. Don’t forget the people that supported you in other ways - acknowledge your social media ambassadors for sharing your content by giving them a shout-out on social!

Share your success with your supporters.

People love to hear how they made an impact by taking action. Will those donations allow you to do something specific? Did you meet or exceed your fundraising goal? Donors are more than just donors, volunteers are more than just volunteers. They are members of your community and want to stand with you. Share your successes with your supporters - because it’s their success too.

Make the relationship about more than money

Now that your supporters have made a donation, use a survey to ask them what really matters to them or how they think you should spend that money. You could also use this opportunity to crowdsource ideas for your next campaign or get feedback on your organizational priorities.

Another way to build on your relationships is to host an event to celebrate your work together and build community amongst your supporters. This is a great way to make your supporters feel a part of your organization and learn more about what they really care about.

Review, iterate, improve

A good team is constantly looking for ways to improve. Borrow a software concept and do a retrospective: Meet with your staff internally and discuss what went well and what didn’t go well, so you can learn and iterate for future campaigns.

You can also ask your supporters for feedback using a variety of tactics like surveys or in-person focus groups. Asking for feedback is very important to get right because it can make your organization vulnerable, but your supporters contain a wealth of information and insight that they might be willing to share.

Keep going

Organizations like yours can have a huge impact - you’re working in communities and directly affecting lives. Don’t stop creating and connecting after your #GivingTuesday campaign! Start mapping your path of engagements for year-end activities and get everyone on on your next path of engagement in preparation for end-of-year giving, volunteer opportunities, and days of action.


What are you doing to follow up with your supporters after #GivingTuesday. Share your ideas in the comments below!




Edited by Erin of NationBuilder

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